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Organic Peroxides

AKPA KİMYA is one of the leading manufacturers supplying Reaction and Polymerization Initiators to manufacturers in the Petrochemical industry.

Apart from its wide range of products, it makes a great contribution to the sector by producing high quality and high technology productions in the values demanded by customers.

We are always ready to produce solutions specific to customer needs and answer questions.


High Purity: Our organic peroxides produced in high purity provide reliable and stable performance.


Wide Range of Applications: World-Class Applications in Diversity: We have a wide range of applications for customer needs.


Security-Focused Production: Security is prioritized in the production process of our applications. We provide a safe production environment by using the most up-to-date technologies and best practices.


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European Organic Peroxide Safety Group

European Organic Peroxide Safety Group

AKPA is a member of EOPSG and through this brochure aims to provide deeper information on the safe use and handling of organic peroxides in road and sea transport. The procedures and equipment adopted by the authors of this manual represent standard practices in addition to legal requirements.