AKPA Kimya is an organization engaged in the production, storage, and sale of organic peroxides, paint dryers, accelerators, and initiators tailored to customer demands in batch reactors. In accordance with the Regulation on the Prevention of Major Industrial Accidents and the Reduction of Their Consequences, hazardous substances have been declared using the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization notification system, and a Safety Report has been prepared as required by the regulation.

Under technical measures, safety-certified process control equipment, explosion-resistant equipment, emergency shutdown systems, pressure relief systems, gas detection systems, fire detection and extinguishing systems, and similar measures have been implemented. Additionally, organizational measures such as the establishment of teams related to process safety, continuous communication with employees involved in the safety management system, monitoring technological developments related to safety, and collaboration with emergency service units have been implemented. With these measures, the likelihood of major industrial accidents has been reduced to an acceptable level.

Furthermore, to deal with major industrial accidents, our organization has created an Internal Emergency Response Plan, which is effectively implemented. Within the framework of this plan, various service groups have been identified, coordination with emergency service units (health services, fire brigade, AFAD, etc.) has been determined, and necessary arrangements for intervention within the organization have been made.

In this context, at AKPA Kimya, we attach great importance to safety and emergency management. Conscious of our responsibilities, we continue our efforts for continuous improvement and updates. We will persist in our endeavors to uphold the highest safety standards required by our responsibilities to our customers, employees, and the community.