• Our R&D and Innovation Strategy
  • Scientific Studies
  • Product Development and Planning

In our R&D center; We add value to our customers by developing innovative products with our high-tech equipment and dynamic staff.

AKPA Kimya has focused Decently on R&D investments in its high-tech laboratories in order to meet customer requirements. he established the R&D Center in 2017 and the Environmental Laboratory in 2018. Dec. In addition, it carries out joint projects by providing cooperation with universities.

Our company creates a team for product development and technical support with a professional R&D team that has high knowledge and experience and Decrees various projects. Significant investments in the field of R&D have played an active role in the Deceleration process of our company. Not only are we satisfied with responding to the needs of customers in the most appropriate way, but also special studies are carried out according to the applications of customers. With this solution-oriented production-development approach, it has carried the service quality to the highest levels. The provision of high-quality products and technical support are among the distinctive advantages of AKPA Kimya.

Research and Development (R&D) and Product Development (P&D)

Our high-tech equipment is located in our Research and Development (R&D) and Product Development (P&D) laboratory, which is full of know-how (technical know-how) and the best solutions needed by our customers. AKPA's know-how sets allow us to offer customized solutions and unique innovations to customers in many sectors such as electronics, decorative, industrial paint, construction, aerospace and automotive. Our R&D teams carefully follow the market trends and continue to work on providing pioneering and sustainable solutions. AKPA is involved in many scientific and industrial partnerships and takes part in cooperation project networks.

Universities and confederation industry are actively working to enrich AKPA R&D with their knowledge. We focus on R&D studies in order to fully meet the satisfaction and needs of our business partners with our expert team. We continue to make the life of our users even easier with the new products we have developed. AKPA continues its activities in this field by giving importance to human health with its user-friendly Phthalate-free products.

We are working for a sustainable future.

AKPA, which plans to reduce our country's foreign dependence by manufacturing in a difficult and dangerous sector, as well as to respond quickly to the needs of the developing industry with high-quality products, will work both for the development of safe production technologies and the development of high-tech starter systems. Our company regularly makes technical visits to its customers and provides technical trainings about our products.

Akpa Kimya has adopted the concept of fast and high quality service with the awareness that making a difference leads companies to success today. Our company has become teammates and solution partners with its customers rather than a customer-supplier relationship. This understanding enables the supplier-employee-customer chain to act together for a long time.

Akpa Chemistry is guided by technological know-how and an innovative spirit. Our research allows us to create new materials, develop promising solutions and shape a sustainable future. Jul Jul Our important investments in this field; In order to leave a cleaner environment for the future, we started working on the project of using solar and wind energy, which is the cleanest renewable energy source in the world, in our production. In addition, we cooperate with many relevant organizations in order to combat erosion, afforestation and protect natural assets.


Product Development and Planning Steps

Our Three-Stage Research and Development Process




Research and Development Strategy

AKPA Kimya pursues a Research and Development strategy that will help it maintain both customer satisfaction and its competitive advantage in the sector.



Leading The Industry

AKPA Kimya focuses on the goal of providing pioneering and sustainable solutions in the sector. Research and development studies are focused on innovations that lead the sector by carefully following market trends.


Special Solutions for Various Sectors

AKPA Kimya offers special solutions for various sectors in order to maximize customer satisfaction. It continues to develop products that can be used in different sectors such as electronics, decorative, industrial paint, construction, aviation and automotive.


University and Industry Cooperation

AKPA Chemistry continues its active cooperation with universities and industrial organizations and takes part in joint projects. In this way, it aims to increase the potential to produce more innovative solutions.


Sustainability and Environmental Sensitivity

In order to realize our commitment to working for a sustainable future, more emphasis is placed on environmentally friendly production techniques and investments in renewable energy sources. Cooperation on combating erosion, afforestation and protecting natural assets is continuing.


Focus on Technical Support

AKPA Kimya continues its success in providing technical support to its customers and continues to train customers about products with regular technical visits.


Safe Production Technologies

AKPA Kimya, which produces in a difficult and dangerous sector, is focused on developing safe production technologies. It continues to focus its investments in this direction in order to be in a position to respond quickly to the needs of the developing industry by reducing foreign dependence in the country.


Customer Relations and Teamwork

By maintaining the understanding of being a teammate and solution partner with customers rather than a customer-supplier relationship, it aims to move the supplier-employee-customer chain together for a long time thanks to this.


International Competition

AKPA Kimya focuses on compliance with global standards and international collaborations in order to make its products competitive in the international Sunday.


AKPA Kimya, which has a wide product range in the chemical industry, provides fast and short product supply to the whole world, especially Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, thanks to its strategic geographical location.

Today, AKPA Kimya regularly exports to more than 75 countries, and the ratio of its foreign sales to total sales exceeds 75%.