As, we show utmost sensitivity to the security of your personal data. Your personal data is processed and stored in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 (“GDPR”).

1. How Your Personal Data May Be Processed

In accordance with GDPR No. 6698, your personal data you share with may be obtained, recorded, stored, changed, rearranged, in short, by obtaining, recording, storing, changing, rearranging, in whole or in part, automatically or by non-automatic means as part of any data recording system. It can be processed by us as the subject of any kind of processing. Any operation performed on data within the scope of GDPR is considered as "processing of personal data".

2. Purposes and Legal Reasons for Processing Your Personal Data

Personal data you share,

  • In order to fulfill the requirements of the services we provide to our customers in accordance with the requirements of the contract and technology, and to improve our products and services;
  • In order to provide information to prosecutors' offices, courts and relevant public officials on matters related to public security and legal disputes, upon request and in accordance with the legislation;
  • In order to offer a wide range of opportunities to our members or to share them within the legal framework with people or institutions that can offer these opportunities;
  • To analyze advertising preferences,

It will be processed in accordance with GDPR No. 6698 and relevant secondary regulations.

3. Information About Third Parties or Organizations To Which Your Personal Data May Be Transferred

Persons/organizations to which your personal data you share with may be transferred for the purposes stated above; our main shareholders, shareholders, advertisers, direct or indirect domestic / foreign subsidiaries; Particularly, but not limited to, member companies using the infrastructure and individuals and organizations related to the service offered, program partner organizations, domestic / international organizations and other organizations from which we receive services and cooperate in order to carry out our activities and/or as Data Processors. They are third parties and organizations.

Our regulations regarding cookies to be used for advertising purposes are the " Cookie Policy" and form a part of the "Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy" you are currently reading. Please click to learn about our Cookie Policy. (You can access the required cookie policy sample via the link at the bottom of the document)

4. How Your Personal Data is Collected

Your personal data,

  • With forms on website and mobile applications and information such as name, surname, address, telephone, work or private e-mail address; Data including preferences on the pages accessed using the username and password, IP records of the transactions performed, cookie data collected by the browser and browsing time and details, in the form of location data;
  • In a physical or virtual environment, face to face or distance, received from people who share their personal data through business cards, CVs, bids and other means for purposes such as establishing commercial relations with, applying for a job, making an offer, etc. verbally, in writing or electronically;
  • In addition, data obtained indirectly from different channels, (micro) websites and social media used for websites, blogs, contests, surveys, games, campaigns and similar purposes, e-bulletin reading or clicking movements, public data The data provided by their bases consists of profiles and data available for sharing on social networking sites such as social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.); can be processed and collected.

5. Your Personal Data Obtained Before GDPR Comes into Force did not start publishing before April 7, 2016, the effective date of GDPR, so we do not store any personal data before this date. (If your website collects data before this date, it must be stated how the data is processed and stored.)

6. Transfer of Your Personal Data

Your personal data collected by any of the methods listed above, to be processed in Turkey or to be processed and stored outside Turkey, provided that it remains within the scope of GDPR and is located abroad in accordance with the contractual purposes (accredited by the Personal Data Board and where there is adequate protection for the protection of personal data). countries) to service intermediaries.

Your Personal Data;

  • Our business partners with whom we collaborate and/or receive services to offer and promote products and services,
  • To the competent authorities who will determine your location in case of an emergency call,
  • Regulatory and supervisory institutions, other official institutions such as courts and enforcement offices, other public institutions or organizations authorized to request your personal data,
  • Legal entities that have commercial relations with and have your phone number,

It can be transferred when deemed necessary.

7. Storage and Protection of Personal Data protects the systems and databases where your personal data is stored by preventing the unlawful processing of personal data in accordance with Article 12 of the GDPR and preventing access by unauthorized persons; In order to ensure their protection, they are obliged to take software and physical security measures such as hashing, encryption, transaction recording, and access management. If it becomes known that personal data has been obtained by others through illegal means, the situation will be reported to the Personal Data Protection Board immediately, in accordance with legal regulations and in writing.

8. Keeping Personal Data Current and Accurate

In accordance with Article 4 of the GDPR, has the obligation to keep your personal data accurate and up-to-date. In this context, in order for to fulfill its obligations arising from the current legislation, our members are required to share their accurate and up-to-date data or update it via the website / mobile application.

9. Rights of the Personal Data Owner Pursuant to Law No. 6698

Article 11 of GDPR No. 6698 entered into force on 07 October 2016, and in accordance with the relevant article, the rights of the Personal Data Owner after this date are as follows:

  • Personal Data Owner may apply to (data controller) to:
  • Learning whether personal data is processed,
  • Requesting information if personal data has been processed,
  • Learning the purpose of processing personal data and whether they are used for their intended purpose,
  • Knowing the third parties to whom personal data is transferred at home or abroad,
  • Requesting correction of personal data if they are incomplete or incorrectly processed,
  • Requesting the deletion or destruction of personal data within the framework of the conditions stipulated in Article 7 of the GDPR,
  • In case of correction, deletion or destruction of personal data, requesting that these transactions be notified to third parties to whom personal data have been transferred,
  • Objecting to the emergence of a result against the individual by analyzing the processed data exclusively through automatic systems,
  • He/she has the right to request compensation for the damage in case of damage due to unlawful processing of personal data.

10. Contact and Application Method

The Data Controller Representative to be appointed by will be announced in the Data Controllers Registry and on the internet address where this document is located, when the legal infrastructure is provided.

Personal Data Owners can direct their questions, opinions or requests to the e-mail address [email protected]. may give a positive/negative response to the submitted requests in writing or digitally, provided that it is justified and responds within 30 days. It is essential that the necessary procedures regarding requests are free of charge. However, if the transactions require a cost, reserves the right to request a fee. These fees are determined by the Personal Data Protection Board based on the tariff determined in accordance with Article 13 of the Personal Data Protection Law.

By sharing your personal data on our website, applications and other channels, you will be able to access our Personal Data Policy and the conditions in our policy regarding processing, processing methods, transfer, sale of data and other related issues, on the web page of the data shared with, a social media application. You agree that it can be used in applications and social media channels, that notifications and suggestions can be made, that it can be shared with third parties in a commercial sense, provided that it is for the benefit of the members, and that you will apply to before exercising your legal rights. You hereby declare that you accept it with an "explicit consent", which is defined as consent based on information and free will.

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